An Englishman in New York

16th July 2016

My personal journey with Dominion started back in 2000 when I owned my own boutique independent UK based employee benefits and insurance risk management business focused on the financial institutions sector specializing on servicing owners, directors, employees and investors in hedge fund and private equity type firms. I remember first meeting Ben Cooke, our CEO and founder, in an accountant’s office in London. We were both pitching our respective firm’s services for a client. I recall the most important outcome from the meeting was Ben and I getting together after to explore synergies, approach to business, philosophy, independence and a mutual desire to take a ‘client first’ services approach. The life changing journey over the last 16 years led to working together on many client referrals, recruitment and acquisition.

Following a short flirtation with retirement involving a spell living in Cork, Ireland, my family has settled in the US in Wilmington North Carolina, enjoying the climate and benefits of US country club living whilst retaining our UK base and roots; a very typical expat situation. This has created valuable personal financial planning, travel and pre-immigration challenges; with my own experiences benefiting the approach to working with and understanding professional intermediaries and their clients’ needs and objectives.

The Dominion team is a family that continues to prosper, driven by its core values, its global footprint continues to grow and I am excited to be back in the Dominion fold working out of our newly established New York office helping the business establish and grow its presence in the US.

All our client engagements commence on a fully advised basis, Dominion does not provide any tax, investment or financial advice, our core activity is to provide comprehensive and sophisticated trustee and administrative services to both corporate and personal clients and we are exclusively focused on working with leading professional intermediaries. Dominions client base has grown to be comprised of c.40% with US tax exposures of some form or another, throughout this growth we have compiled considerable US tax related expertise.

We have undertaken significant regulatory, compliance and tax advice from leading US firms such as Withers Bergman, RSM and BDO to position Dominion to be able to undertake and deliver client services in a US regulatory compliant manner to US tax payers both US Resident and Non-Resident individuals (citizens, green card and treaty holders) and with the establishment of our New York office, we are perfectly poised to roll out our US tax payer wealth preservation strategies and solutions into the US domestic market.

For example, we are excited to be making The Dominion EU (US Qualified) Retirement Plan available to US tax payer focused intermediaries and their HNW clientele looking to save for retirement in a US tax deferred and tax free manner. The Malta Pension Plan, which is treaty favoured under the double tax treaty between Malta and the US has significant flexibility and benefits with unlimited funding increasing, expanding the options available for clients and their advisors looking to maximize wealth preservation opportunities.

Creating wealth and retaining wealth across multiple generations requires different characteristics, attention to detail and the assistance of a dedicated team of specialists. Dominion is an independent Trustee and Pension administration firm exclusively focused on serving an increasingly sophisticated client base throughout the UK, US, Asia, Latin America, Middle East and Europe. Dominion specialises in working with leading intermediaries and our clients include a number of large global corporations and internationally mobile high net worth private clients.