Real Estate

The real estate team provide a proactive and comprehensive range of real estate services which source, acquire and administer residential, commercial and development real estate opportunities.

The experienced team harness real estate opportunities in commercial and residential real estate with robust legal and tax compliant ownership structures with a strong focus on delivering real estate solutions that preserve wealth whilst encouraging capital growth and income generation.

To many of our global clients, this asset class remains an important diversifier from their domestic economies and a “real” asset that has a proven history of being a store of wealth and a stable source of income.


• SOURCE: Direct engagement by the client to research, source present real estate opportunities that meet the clients specific requirements.
• ORIGINATE:  Identify opportunities in the commercial and residential real estate markets.
• STRUCTURE:  Dominion’s dedicated private client and corporate services teams, who provide regulated fiduciary services, work closely with the client and their tax and legal advisers to research, design, establish and administer the appropriate ownership structures.
• ESTABLISH: The professional teams to acquire, develop and manage the selected real estate opportunities.
• REPORT: Responsible to the client for the oversight of all property activities and provide regular, clear and concise reporting to the client and their advisers.
• REALISATION: Advise the client on how to maximise and realise the returns from their real estate portfolios.